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How to Submit Your Lease Application

Tenant qualification requirements

Normally we need the total house hold income to be at least three times the monthly rent. Minimum credit score should be 550. If credit score is more than 600, normal deposit equal to the monthly rent is required. If between 550 and 600, the deposit can be up to 2 times the monthly rent depending on the actual score. We strictly don't accept tenants with eviction history. If you have prior late payment history, we might consider working with you with higher deposit.

The information mentioned above are only the minimum requirements. Meeting the minimum requirements doesn't guarrantee approval. We make rental decisions by reviewing full credit history, background check results and all information received with the application. If multiple qualifying application are received, we select the best qualified application.

Submitting the Application Form

Complete the online lease application.

Application fee is $60 per adult applicant. Electronic payments are preferred and the following payment methods are accepted:
1. Paypal to Please select the option of Pay to family & friends to avoid fees.
2. Venmo to Shanfeng-Cheng .
3. Zelle to